Our Adjusters



"Mr. Doherty, You are the only adjuster I've ever dealt with that produces estimates in a timely manner and communicates with claimants.  It's such a pleasure to deal with you."

- C. Smith, Managing Agent

A.R.K. Management Co.

"Your adjuster, Patrick Davis, did something unusual , something above and beyond the requirements of the job. He actually tried to help me mitigate the losses by finding the source of the water. Because of his decades of experience knew to expect the unexpected.  I never would have thought to look for plumbing pipes in the ceiling of a one- story house.  I am so glad to have met Mr. Davis and wanted to see that he received recognition for his efforts to your company."

- B. Forster, Insured

"Mr. Tobin, My deep appreciation for all your help during last winter's flooding of my mother's house.  I really can't begin to thank you enough for all your time and consideration. You certainly restored my faith in the insurance industry."

- J. Brennan, Insured

Many Thanks, and Kudos to Butterworth & O'Toole's agent, Jack McKeon."

- W. Sherman, Insured  

Ms. Gardner, I want to thank you for your welcoming and supportive manner.  You made a stressful situation more tolerable."

- M. Ward, Insured

Mr. Herbert has a steady temperament, strong expertise and was very patient during the entire process. It is unusual to have a good insurance experience, but, I can say that Mike is an asset to both of your company. Simply stating it, "Mike Rocks!"

- P. Rendino, Insured 

Our Personalized Services Include


Contact made with insured or claimant within 24 hours.

  • Inspection within 48 hours.           *Immediately when necessary *
  • Acknowledgements to clients as required
  • First report to clients as required
  • Supplemental reports every 30 days.
  • Reporting time frames will be tailored to meet any clients need.

Property Adjusters


Paul F. O'Toole                ext.215


Mike Herbert                   ext.223


Brad Doherty                   ext.219


    Michael O'Toole                   ext.221    


  Jack McKeon                      ext.216    


       Vicki Gardner                   ext.226         


       Gail Patania                         ext.212         


John Foley                          ext. 299